Honorable Mentschen

Honorable Mentschen


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מספר עמודים


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Hard Cover

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מק"ט: 96696

Share this wonderful book with your children, And watch their good middos grow!

Renowned author and veteran teacher Genendel Krohn has created a comic-style book filled with real-life scenarios that illustrate proper and improper behavior. Used on their own or as a springboard for role-playing, these concise episodes are a potent tool for developing a much-needed culture of sensitivity in children.

Backed up with maג€™amarei Chaza (statements of the sages) and stories from our gedolim, this groundbreaking work teaches our children the skills they need for life.
Some of the topics discussed are:

  • how to behave at a Kiddush
  • proper phone etiquette
  • the way to speak to parents & teachers
  • caring for other peopleג€™s property
  • sharing someoneג€™s pain and joy
  • how to be a good host and guest
  • practical tips on how to react when another child is being bullied

ג€œLiving in a world where politeness and consideration are becoming increasingly rare makes it harder for us to develop in our children character traits that are refined and al pi Torah. Mrs. Krohnג€™s Honorable Mentschen is a most effective tool in correcting this and in providing teachers and parents alike with an approach that is lucid, enjoyable and informative. I excitedly recommend its use within school ג€˜Middos and Derech Eretzג€™ Programs as well as for more casual reading.ג€
— Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein, Director of Publications, Torah Umesorah (alias, ג€œDr. Middos,ג€ of the Marvelous Middos Machine)

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