Nothing Just Happens

מידע נוסף

מספר עמודים

שם המחבר


שנת הוצאה


מק"ט: 106614

Could it be JUST a coincidence?

Daniel had no money for sonג€™s chasunahג€¦ then came a phone call after 30 years.

A bus without brakes heading towards a gaping chasmג€¦ is stopped by a man who wasnג€™t supposed to be there.

After Ephraim finally forgaveג€¦ they had another child.

Richard sold the apartmentג€¦ just in time.

Yosefג€™s completely unnecessary X-rayג€¦ saved his life.

In the grind of fast-paced modern living, we sometimes forget that Hashem runs the world and nothing just ג€œhappensג€ by itself. Here are 120 amazing stories— told by the people that experience them — showing Hashemג€™s guiding Hand in all types of circumstances. Gathered by the author of the ג€œ180 Degreesג€, these true accounts show the power of a mitzvah, a prayer, a blessingג€¦ and open our eyes to see hashgacha pratis in everything we do.

Bring positivity, faith, and tranquility into your life by seeing how the most important events and the most trivial occurrences ג€“ are all from Hashem!

הצג עגלה