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מק"ט: 17079

This latest volume in a very popular series, originally published July 2012, tells the special, personal stories of twenty four people, as told to Chaim Walder, who compiled and edited them with his own fascinating flair, while preserving the style and personality of each storyteller, and the atmosphere in which he or she lives. Heart-wrenching, eye-opening, and above all true-to-life, these stories strike a chord with every reader.

Here youג€™ll also find more stories from the beloved ג€œJew from Meah Shearim,ג€ the colorful, amusing, and sharp-witted character who has captured thousands of hearts with his innocence and frankness in earlier volumes of the People Speak series. About the author: Chaim Walder is well-known throughout Israel for his radio program and his important work as director of the Child and Family Center in Bnei Brak. His thousands of readers and listeners seek his advice and compassion and regularly send in letters revealing their deepest secrets and more difficult life stories.

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